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Kathryn inspires audiences to think and act differently, teaching them to commercialize their intangible assets and capabilities, using visual dashboards and infographics to clarify targets, making the financial side of running a business interesting, enjoyable, and rewarding.

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Are your people able to confidently articulate your pricing policy and expertly negotiate great deals where everyone wins?

They will be after Kathryn’s session.

When it comes to speaking about the money side of running a business – Kathryn is an instigator, teacher, and motivator, engaging audiences, with the best in the world global case studies and industry best practice examples which will live in your team’s armory for years to come.

Kathryn is a researcher, innovator, and pioneer. Her ability to kick-start new thinking, new action, is why Kathryn is a highly sought after speaker by businesses who need a catalyst to inspire their people to create real change.



It’s amazing how different we all think of Success.

In this Amazon bestseller book, you will discover how to successfully value, legally protect, and commercialise your ideas.
Following The Idea Lifecycle™ 4-step process from Ideation, Protection, Valuation, and Sale – you will be able to create a routine practice to commercialise your intellectual property.

Amazon best seller


  • Tangible and intangible assets

  • Intellectual Property

  • IP Legal protection

  • Valuation methodologies

  • Selling your ideas

Show Me The Money®

You may be brilliant at ‘doing’ the business, but if the figures don’t make sense, you won’t make the profits you deserve.

This presentation will turn financial understanding into your competitive advantage.

Using the show don’t tell approach, and loaded with Industry best practice examples, Kathryn shares tips and techniques to automate and simplify the often complex world of money, into visually appealing infographics and dashboards, to help you and your team enjoy working with the numbers that matter.

Ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half or full day session.



  • Best practice – global benchmarking

  • Targets – revenue and profit

  • Pricing – compensation models

  • Dashboard reporting

  • Key Performance Indicators

Real results:

A PR agency added 10% profit to it’s bottom line within 1 year.

An design agency implemented a KPI scheme and rewarded its staff with a share of the additional 5% profits generate.

A Finance Manager was recognised for her dashboard and automated reporting with a promotion and 20% pay rise.

A Senior Account Manager in a communications agency was promoted to Group Account Director to create a new Events division – by presenting the proposed budget, pricing, KPIs and dashboard reports.


The Money Wheel®

Professional training for your team

striking the best deal for you and your client

Value is in the eye of the beholder – the Client’s eye

There is no law, nor ethical imperative, that says that you must charge two clients the exact same amount for the same services. Firstly, the services are rarely identical. Second, the value to those respective clients will always be different.

Rates can reflect different levels of skills, competency, knowledge, expertise, intellectual property, margins, incentive bonuses, rewards, and other considerations.

The intention of setting a pricing policy is to clarify your business practice and assist your clients to reach a fair and equitable remuneration agreement that will form the basis of a long and mutually rewarding business partnership. 

In this keynote we will consider a variety of different modes of remuneration which incorporate key qualities to simplify and clarify your remuneration policy:

Commercial advantage

Kathryn will expose you to new alternatives, and show you how to set and manage a best practice pricing policy, to give you the edge.


  • Remuneration strategy; various pricing options
  • Alternative billing methods; Fees, disbursements, other
  • Reporting; revenue streams and targets

Real results:

Pricing is a core strategic discipline of all businesses – invest in your management team, those who are empowered to prepare price quotes, estimates, and sales invoices for your clients.


Using the ‘show, don’t tell’ approach, Kathryn will up-skill your team to become professional sellers, who know how to commercialise the value you deliver.


Kathryn is an expert presenter and keynote speaker whose presentations are filled with memorable industry anecdotes and practical examples which will live in your team’s armory – valuable reference for years to come.


Sell Your Ideas™

Your BIG IDEA will serve your well if you understand how to legal protect, and financially value and commercialize it.

Whether you are a multi-billion-dollar empire, or a small independent business: effective ideas are brand tools, which help a business differentiate and stand out from its competitors. These intangible assets can potentially create far more value than spending on tangibles like property, plant, and machinery. This is particularly true in the service sector which is predominantly based on intangible value.

Intellectual property is a significant category of intangible assets, identified as creations of the mind – savvy business leaders teach their teams how to value their inventions, literary and artistic works, designs, images, and proprietary trade secrets.

Commercial advantage

Demonstrating and discussing practical steps to ensure that your intellectual property is protected, and exploring the alternative commercialization modes. Kathryn engages the audience, with stimulating case studies, and practical tools.

If you are in the business of ideas, then this presentation is for you. – learn how the best in the world sell their ideas, and how you can too!



  • Recognize your most valuable assets.

  • Intangible assets

  • intellectual property

  • Valuation – 3 key methods

  • Commercialization – value based pricing

Real results:

Design agency created a new service – intellectual property due diligence; delivering 3% new agency revenue in year one.

Advertising agency commercialized their intellectual property, recognizing the value of the intangible brand assets delivered, which resulted in an additional 40% in campaign revenue.

Experiential agency launched a new service and value-based pricing model yielding a 50% increase, for the commercialising naming and logo device services which they previously included in the production budget using the hourly rate model



The Value Pricing Wheel®

Pricing is a core strategic discipline of all businesses.

One of the keys to generating higher revenue is to learn all you can about pricing.

Don’t limit yourself to the hourly rate model used in the service sector sea of sameness.

Being paid by the hourly rate has taught your clients to think about the price, not the impact and quality of results.

Instead, familiarize yourself with a variety of alternative remuneration options which focuses on the value of the impact rather than time.

Dedicate as much time towards your pricing strategy as you do analyzing your costs, so that you and your team become pricing experts. 

Ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half or full day session.



  • The Value Pricing Wheel®

  • the art of defining value

  • creative effectiveness frameworks

  • financial valuation frameworks

  • Compensation models

Real results:

Digital agency created a bespoke Return On Investment model for deployment to their client base, predicting 12% additional new revenue.

Experiential agency negotiated a 12.5% share of additional gross profit denerated, based on agreed Key Performance Incentive metrics.

Social Media agency developed 3-tier subscrption package options, generating and increase of 15% secured recurring monthly revenue.


Social Tap

Each year we take our team away to a secret location for our strategy planning but with COVID border restrictions we unfortunately weren’t able to have Kathryn on site with us.

Despite the COVID challenges Kathryn delivered an engaging presentation via ZOOM which captivated the interest of our entire team with her strategic insights and advice, all of which was backed with analysis and the key numbers.

Kathryn is a highly intelligent person who can identify opportunities through the numbers, but she also has incredible people skills which makes her so easy (and fun) to work with.

Michelle Mason – Managing Director and Co-founder


I’d highly recommend Kathryn to any agency owner who struggles with having a higher level strategic finance skill set and insight within their team. At roughly 25 staff, we don’t have a CFO on staff, but the need for CFO thinking to continue to grow and expand is required and Kathryn is able to fill this void for us.

Anna Kertz – Managing Director

The Edge

I have attended a few of Kathryn’s keynotes and workshops over the past few years, the content for each session is always very relevant and useful.

Kathryn herself is an excellent presenter and facilitator of these events with so much industry experience and insight.

Andrea Smart – Finance Director / CFO



Kathryn’s keynotes and workshops are always practical, logical and efficient, with smarts you can apply to your agency straight away. Last week’s Rate Card session in Melbourne was a case in point.

Lisa Dowling – General Director


Kathryn’s industry knowledge, generates discussion and a deeper understanding of how each person can significantly contribute to business success.  Many of our team who had not previously been exposed to the financial side of the business are now keen to take on more financial responsibility and do things smarter.  Our CEO and CFO are delighted with the results.

Heather Kirk – HR Director


Kathryn’s keynotes deliver great insight into opportunities to improve business systems and processes while highlighting additional revenue opportunities. Highly recommended for all design studios wanting to take that next step in their business for success.

Bianca Lazzaro – Studio and Production Manager


I caught up with my team after one of Kathryn’s keynotes and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Kathryn got my team thinking about the business of advertising, not just getting the work done. She is an outstanding presenter.

Jamie Scott – Managing Director


Kathryn knows and understands the best financial management process and practices in the MarCom industry.

Kathryn brings clarity to the process, making from budget right through to month end so easy to understand for non-financial staff.

I have learned so much from Kathryn. She is not only a great presenter but al so a great business mentor.

Tina Peng – Finance Manager

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